The island is rich in marine wildlife

Safe Haven for Wildlife

Since 1953, Tuhua or Mayor Island has had the conservation status of a protective wildlife refuge. Administered by the Tuhua Trust Board, it’s a place for threatened or endangered bird species to reside in peace. The island is populated by tui, morepork, kingfisher, pied stilts and more, including rare sightings of the large swamp harrier circling high above. The Trust Board infrequently reintroduce native species to the island, from orange fronted parakeets, to brown kiwis, to robins, which are all thought to be establishing successful breeding populations now.

Tuhua’s surrounding waters have had marine reserve status since 1993, to actively protect the reef and its inhabitants. As the island is over 30km off the coast of Tauranga, water remains relatively pollution free. This, along with the subtropical climate, has meant that a diverse range of marine plants and fish have been able to flourish with little interference.


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